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Information about sharing a Premium membership.

Information about sharing a Premium CashbackPlaza membership:

  • When you have a Premium CashbackPlaza membership you can share it with 5 others at no extra costs.
  • Each person will have his/her own CashbackPlaza account which guarantees full privacy. You can't see which online stores the other persons in the membership have visited or bought something at for example.
  • Invitations can be send to existing CashbackPlaza members and persons who don't have a CashbackPlaza account yet. Both members and non-members will receive an email with information how to join your Premium membership with their own CashbackPlaza account.
  • The invitation email won't be sent if you invite a person who already has a Premium CashbackPlaza membership or shares a CashbackPlaza membership of somebody else.
  • When the Premium membership manager doesn't pay on time then everybody in the shared Premium membership will be switched to a Free membership. All the members will be automatically switched back to a Premium membership as soon as the membership manager has made the payment for the Premium membership.
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